Spring Potluck!

Please join Slow Food Reno for our spring potluck at the Rail City Garden Center in Sparks. We’ll be setting tables amidst their lovely plants and flowers, filling them with your favorite spring dishes made with an emphasis on local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients.

Date: Monday, April 30, 2012 at 6 p.m.
Location: Rail City Garden Center 1720 Brierly Way, Sparks

Along with your potluck dish, please bring a card with the name of the dish, information about the ingredients used in it, and the origin of your recipe.

Don’t forget to bring your own plates, cups, utensils, and beverages. A $5 donation per person is suggested. Please bring a friend who has not experienced one of our potlucks before!

We’re looking forward to a lovely dinner with friends on a beautiful spring evening!



There are signs of spring in northern Nevada! Our spring potluck will be:

April 30, 2012  6 pm
Rail City Garden Center
1720 Brierley Way
Sparks, NV


Main Station Farm Discussion continues at a Community Forum

At the request of the Reno City Council, UNR will hold a public forum regarding the Main Station Farm zoning proposal. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 21st, 5:30 – 7:30pm at Joe Crowley Student Union. Free parking will be available on the third and fourth floors of the Whalen Parking Garage and directional signage will be posted on North Virginia Street.

The immediate issue on the table is UNR’s request to zone 104 acres of the most fertile land left in Reno to light industrial. UNR’s stated intent is to protect the property’s monetary value for possible future sale to developers or for a proposed flood plain project.

Community stakeholders are floating a different idea. That is, use this invaluable property to enhance Nevada’s future and rebuild an agricultural program to meet the needs of sophisticated students and 21st century challenges.

This meeting is our opportunity to convey to UNR the level of community support for a new future and our collective opposition to the zoning proposal.

A group of community stakeholders is encouraging UNR to listen to feedback from a wide range of people and to refrain from earmarking this property for sale. Our group includes advocates from the Great Basin Community Food Co-op, Nevada Grown, Friends of Nevada Organics, Local Food Network, Slow Food Reno, Transition Reno, and local farmers, consumers, and residents.

Our message is simple.

We expect UNR to withdraw the zoning proposal.

We expect UNR to use this valuable asset to provide higher education that supports Nevada’s economy and the future of its students.

We know many are opposed to this proposal for many reasons and we need all of us to be at this meeting. We’ve heard from a broad spectrum of stakeholders. From those who live near the site to flood plain experts. From those dedicated to Nevada’s long-term economic health to those who recognize Wolf Pack Meats as a key component of a healthy food production system. From students who want to obtain their degree at UNR and put it to use in Nevada, to their parents who want to keep their educational dollars in Nevada. From established and emerging businesses that are creating food-system jobs and incomes to the customers who buy from them. The list goes on.

On December 14th at 6pm the Reno City Council will consider a proposal to rezone a portion of the UNR Main Station Farm light industrial.  This land is ideally suited for what it already is, that is, agriculture and wildlife habitat. Local food and farming advocates are encouraging the Council to look to a different future for that property and refrain from building businesses on a flood plain, and ideally, zone the property agricultural and open space.  Should the Council vote down this proposal it would leave the door open for other plans that could be more beneficial to our community.

Please sign the petition opposing the rezoning of the UNR Main Station Farm:


We’re encouraging everyone to attend the meeting to show the City Council we the decision to reject the zone change.  Please attend and fill out a public comment form to make your voice heard.  No need to speak if you’d rather not, but your public comment form demonstrates the level of support.

5:30 – Arrive early to submit your Public Comment Form. They will not be accepted after 6 p.m.
6:00 – Meeting begins
Reno City Hall, Council Chambers

1 E. 1st  Street, Reno  (public parking garage next to CityHall)

-Your Slow Food Reno Board

Join Slow Food Reno members for a slow-sippin’ wine tasting at Craft Wine & Beer in Reno. Ty Martin is putting together a tasting of some interesting wines especially for us to sample. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about our organization, talk about the local food scene, and mingle with like-minded friends.

Thursday, December 1, 2011, 5-7 p.m.

Craft Wine & Beer
22 Martin Street  Reno, NV


·         A rezoning request by the NSHE Board of Regents is threatening the operation of Wolf Pack Meats and UNR’s Main Station Farm.

·         The closing of Wolf Pack Meats would affect several local ranches that have their humanely raised cattle, pigs, and lamb processed by WPM, northern Nevada’s only USDA inspected meat processing facility.

·         This would deprive citizens of Reno access to the meat from locally and humanely raised animals, which is sold at the Great Basin Community Food Coop.

·         The Advisory Board of the UNR College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, & Natural Resources has sent a resolution to the Dean of the CABNR opposing the zoning change and endorsing the continuing operation of Wolf Pack Meats.

Please show your support by attending the Reno Planning Commission meeting tomorrow where the rezoning request will be discussed:

Wednesday, November 2 – 6 p.m. at the
Reno City Hall Council Chambers - 1 East First Street, Reno

If you cannot attend the Planning Committee Meeting, please email or fax a letter to be read into the public record to Ann Louhela, Executive Director of Nevada Grown

Email: louhela.ann@gmail.com
            (775)351-2551       (phone & fax)

At the bottom of this email is a draft letter that states several positions of supporters. Please make changes to all [bracketed and highlighted items] to fit your circumstances and add more comments if you wish. Insist that the Board of Regents retain this land for its original intent, agricultural research and education. It is “one of the last open green spaces in Reno, and Wolf Pack Meats is one of the most technologically advanced meat processing plants in the region.”

Your letter is needed by  5 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 2


Slow Food Reno and other local food groups and advocates are extremely concerned about a recent action by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, which has applied to change the zoning of a portion of the acreage at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Main Station Farm from undeveloped agriculture to “Business Park/IB and IC.” This rezoning could lead to commercial business development on the site and the closing of Wolf Pack Meats and the Main Station Farm. Wolf Pack Meats is Northern Nevada’s only USDA inspected full-process slaughter, cut and wrap facility. It serves many local ranches and processes for five of the six local ranchers that the Great Basin Community Food Co-op buys from. Buying meat from local producers ensures good raising practices.

The Main Station Farm is one of the last open green spaces in Reno. It is a major research and teaching facility for the University of Nevada, Reno and has more than 1,000 acres of prime farmland on the periphery of the city of Reno. Acquired and developed in 1956, the farm is home to herds of cattle and pigs, along with a flock of sheep.



3. LDC12-00015 (PUD – MSFL McCarran Center) – This is a request for a
zoning map amendment from LLR1 (upon annexation) to PUD (Planned
Unit Development) to allow development of ±17.81 acres of
office/commercial flex uses; ±33.62 acres of office/commercial flex or
business park uses; ±40.46 acres of business park uses; ±11 acres for
roadways and ±1.11 acres for drainage. This is a Project of Regional
Significance as the proposed uses will generate more than 187,500
gallons of sewage per day (±780,988 gallons per day) and more than
6,250 average daily trips (±18,290 average daily trips). The project is
located ±1,000 feet north of the intersection of Pembroke Drive and
South McCarran Boulevard and is bounded to the north by the
intersection of South McCarran Boulevard and Clean Water Way, South
McCarran Boulevard to the west, and to the east and south by remaining
University of Nevada Systems property in the SPA (Special Planning
Area) City of Reno Master Plan land use designation. njg [Ward 3] (For
Possible Action – Recommendation to City Council)



Honorable Members of the Reno Planning Commission:

[My Name is                                    ]  I am asking that my letter be read into the public record to note my own and my constituents’ concerns over what appears to be a fast track annexation and rezoning of The UNR Farm Station acreage, now known as the McCarran Strip. 

I am opposed to this process of annexation and rezoning as there has not been an open and transparent discussion of this proposal with the general public. Considering that the Farm Station is the property of the citizens of the State of Nevada, this fast track without public input indicates a disingenuous action on behalf of the public trust and those that have controlling decisions for the University’s asset management.

I am opposed to such rezoning as it will create a long term incompatible PUD with current agricultural zoning. Considering, the magnitude of such a development as quoted in the Hydrology study submitted by Wood Rogers, Inc Dated August 2011. It seems without a doubt to set the stage for the final death knell for an actual hands-on agriculture program to be reinstated once the economic devastation and recovery allows the College to become reinvigorated. Once large-scale development has it impact, agriculture and agriculture zoning fall to the wayside.

I am opposed to rezoning as the University has not pursued a rigorous process in which the Farm Station remain intact through conservation easements or some sort of managed farm trust. This Farm Station acts as one of our remaining and historic properties that demonstrated that at one time the Truckee Meadows had a very local farming and ranching community that relied on its land grant university to educate its sons and daughters.

I am opposed to the rezoning as there is no promise that once this property has been sold for development that the money received will go to the college of agriculture but instead will filter into an already desperate budget that borrows from one program to pay for another. The message this sale of this land gives to future DONORS is that your intent does not matter to the university and it depends upon the political climate how your gift may one day be used.

I am opposed to the annexation, rezoning, and sale for development of the any part of the UNR Farm Station because the City of Reno, Sparks, and outlying areas including our closest California neighboring rural communities have built upon the momentum of the local, sustainable, small farm and ranch model.  It is counter-intuitive to cut off the economic momentum that has included such business as The Great Basin Co-op, Reno- Tahoe Edible Magazine, restaurants from Fourth Street Bistro to Great Basin Brewery and this list is extensive, to the growth of local sustainable small farms and ranches that would not exist without Wolf Pack Meats.

I ask that you uniformly table this zoning change until there can be transparent debate, alternative options explored, and a clear understanding of the economic effects of the incompatibility of a development on prime agricultural and history education land.


Complete Address:
Phone Number:

Where there are brackets should be where personal or specific information is included – it is important that you include your title, address, email, and phone number. To be counted as a constituent one must reveal where they live and how they can be contacted.

Come enjoy a free coffee tasting tomorrow at Hi Point Cafe on Robb Drive! Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company will be serving selected, artisan roasted coffees from 10am ’till noon!

1655 Robb Dr # 2
Reno, NV 89523-3522


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